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Many people are surprised to learn that not only can vegan dogs enjoy vibrant health, but their physical condition can actually improve as a result of eliminating animal foods.

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For an instant energy boost that is long lasting, yet light on the digestion, frozen bananas are fantastic for smoothies, snacks and even raw vegan desserts.

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Vegans at the Family Holiday

For vegans, visiting family can be problematic at any time of year. And for non-vegan family members, the task of preparing food that will keep everyone happy can be daunting… But with understanding, patience and compassion on both sides, it is actually very easy to turn a potentially tricky situation into a fabulous time for all.

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This holiday, why not dress up your table with some festive delights that have nothing to do with the traditional menu? As long as the foods are beautiful and delicious, who’s to say what a holiday table should contain? … Following is a selection of recipes that are aesthetically beautiful, mouth-wateringly delicious, and will offer your guests and family an opportunity to enjoy a peaceful holiday menu that will delight the taste-buds of all.

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Gathering with family and friends around a magnificent holiday meal can be a warm, wonderful experience. When the holiday fare is vegan, it adds a whole new level of enjoyment to the sharing of food, and provides a profound foundation for the celebration. For a truly delicious vegan Thanksgiving meal, it’s easy to replicate traditional […] Read more

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Seitan or Wheat-Meat (made from wheat gluten flour) is one of the best meat substitutes for flavor absorption as well as texture. High in protein and low in fat, seitan (when properly prepared) will win over the meat-oholics in your life, from kids to grown-ups.

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Wheatgrass juice is a rich, green chlorophyll drink, extremely high in enzymes and nutrition. Wheatgrass is easy to grow and ensures a supply of fresh, live vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. The juice can be extracted using a specialized juicer, and is great to drink straight or in a smoothie.

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Cooking Guide for Beans

There are many different varieties of beans, so if you’re interested in taking advantage of their excellent nutritional benefits, I would suggest that you try a few different varieties to see which type appeals to you the most. Even if you think you’re ‘not a fan’, you may well be surprised by how much variation […] Read more

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one can buy many different types of vegan salad dressing in the health food store, or even in the supermarket. But ready-made dressing can be expensive if you use it regularly, and it really isn’t difficult to make your own. If you include vinegar or lemon in your dressings, they stay pretty well in the refrigerator, so you can always make more than you need so that you’re set for a few days ahead.

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Eating more raw food does not mean you have to sacrifice variety and taste. In fact, if you are endeavoring to eliminate cooked foods, it can help to have some exciting raw dishes to help you maintain your enthusiasm.