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Six glass jars with different colored bulk foods spilling out

8 Tips for Plant-Based Eating on a Budget

One of the myths about the vegan lifestyle is that it’s too expensive for the average or low-income family. Perhaps this is because many people relate the term ‘vegan’ or a plant-based diet to prepared vegan convenience foods.
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Dining table filled with wine bottles

Is Your Alcohol Vegan?

Many people, vegan or not, are surprised to discover that there is a plethora of animal-based products that can be found in alcoholic beverages.
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Assortment of organic non-dairy, raw cheese from cashew nuts.

Finding the Right Vegan Cheese

From soy to tapioca, to almond, macadamia and hazelnut, vegan cheeses are all very different to each other, so don’t be fooled into believing that you’re out of options just because a particular brand doesn’t quite work for you.
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Man reading ingredients label on glass beverage bottle

Why Vegans Read Labels

Becoming vegan can open doors into a new world of awareness about the products we use, and how much has previously been hidden from us by companies that profit from our purchases.
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A health conscious shopper uses credit card to make an online purchase

Vegan Online Stores: A Handy Guide

From food and snack items to clothing and shoes, household and cleaning supplies, and even vegan treats for your nonhuman friends, the range of items that can be found at these virtual supermarkets might leave you wishing they had a brick-and-mortar location right in your town!
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A pizza covered in cheese, sliced on a wooden counter

Kicking the Cheese Habit

For many on the threshold of welcoming the vegan shift, cheese is the final dietary challenge to overcome. But most people don't yet realize that it's an addictive substance being deliberately pushed by those who profit from keeping the population hooked on it.
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A woman's silhouette jumping up near ocean during bright sunset that fills the entire frame

Making the Vegan Resolution

One fantastic result of the recent growth in the vegan movement is that there is now a myriad of resources which provide education about vegan alternatives, as well as a huge variety of recipes, and all sorts of information about vegan living.
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Smiling women choosing food from a supermarket shelf

Navigating the Vegan Aisles

It seems to be a golden period for those looking to make the transition to veganism, as we are witnessing a substantial transformation taking place in the consumer products industry.
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Half a pitcher and half a glass of milk in front of a sunflower garden with a bright blue sky

5 Vegan Alternatives to Milk

While some vegan milks (such as soy) have a flavor similar to cow’s milk, others (like coconut and hazelnut) offer a new perspective on how tasty plant-based milks can be.
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A beautiful forest path in autumn reds and golds

A Vegan Guide to the Holiday Season

Some of us try and use this time of year as an opportunity to shine a little light on the reality of what Thanksgiving means for those whose bodies are to become centerpieces on the tables of over 45 million American homes.
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