the healing power of plants

A Place of Peace

I have been a gardener for most of my adult life, and a vegan gardener for over 30 years. I developed a love for the garden early on, as a place of peace as well as produce. My knowledge of…
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garden with various herbs and greens

Lessons from the Garden

Change is the only constant, and the garden proves that we need to prepare for and adapt to these changes. But that’s what the garden, and life, is all about — taking what we have learned, dusting off the dirt, and starting again.
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Red apples growing on a tree with sky in the background

Apples to Fight Cancer?

Over the last decade, a host of studies have been done on the anti-cancer properties of apples. Many of these studies have made headlines by producing surprising and favorable results.
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basil plant from above

Basil: Health Benefits

While you might only think of basil as being nice in a pasta sauce, would you believe that this wonderful herb is not only delicious, but could help protect your heart? Read on to learn about the other amazing health benefits of enjoying basil!
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pink flower supporting a single buzzing bee

My Vegan Corner of the World

My little corner of the world is a memorial garden to my best canine friend. I intentionally mixed in flowers throughou, both to attract pollinators, and because they brings color to my world even when the sun isn't shining.
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