Silhouette of woman holding her hands in prayer pose at sunrise

The Yogic Path

One rarely avoids animal products to aspire to sainthood, but it may be true that saintliness is impossible to discuss without first cleansing the body and mind of needless suffering of sentient beings.
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Distant silhouettes of people standing in front of colorful sunset clouds

Why I Love Vegans

Vegans recognize the inherent right of every animal, human or otherwise, to be the sole owner of his or her body, and they acknowledge our ethical responsibility to treat every body with respect and even reverence for the mystery that gives them life.
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Blue sky filled with puffy clouds and sun rays

A Newer Age

The vegan evolution will inspire a heightened spiritual awareness, purify the body, and make possible personal and planetary healing unprecedented in human history.
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In Memory of Lisa

June 11th marks the anniversary of the passing of Lisa Shapiro, a dedicated vegan activist who was much-loved within the movement.
She was also a dear friend of Gentle World.
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A human hand caressing the head of a beautiful white horse

The Vegan Inside Us

Now is the time for those of us who are willing to be the essential change this world so desperately needs, to open the closet door and set the vegan inside us free to unashamedly show the world who we really are.
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Silhouette of a woman reaching joyfully overhead on the beach during a golden sunrise

Rewarded for Being Vegan

Over many years of encouraging people to become vegan, Gentle Worlders have had the remarkable privilege of witnessing the wonderful benefits that occur when individuals take advantage of this amazing opportunity.
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Portrait of sad imprisoned chimp behind wire of metal cage

The Voice of an Animal

The following article, written by Paul Harvey (an American nationally-syndicated columnist) was published in a Los Angeles newspaper on January 1, 1980.
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Child smelling giant sunflower in a sunflower field

Ode to Joy

This is a reprint of a previously posted article. It was originally written and published in 2012.  When I was five years old, I unhappily discovered that I was the only girl in my kindergarten class who didn’t have a…
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A white goat standing standing on a mountain top

30+ Amazing Animal Traits

When we look at the unique evolutionary adaptions pf our fellow animals, it is often with wonder and awe. Their physical and intuitive abilities regularly surpass our own in terms of speed, strength, sight, smell, sense of direction, and at times, group/family unity.
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A back view silhouette of a woman watching the sunset

Satisfy Your Soul

When the world and its religions can't quite satisfy your soul, and the hymns and prayers and chanting sound like one droll rigmarole...
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One rat in a cage

Felix & Wyatt: Two Modern-Day DaVincis

Several years ago, we received a couple of beautiful letters from an American friend living in China. Julie's letters recounted heart-warming stories of her two vegan sons, Felix and Wyatt (who were six and four years old at the time.)
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