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A bowl of fresh garden salad

Health & Nutrition (Vegan 1-2-3)

There are certain facts that are beginning to be widely accepted about the health risks related to our high dependency on meat, eggs and dairy, and about the benefits of a diet free from such high-cholesterol, zero-fiber ingredients.
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10 Protein-Packed Plants

The continuing debate over how much protein the average person needs has done little to change our interest in it. And it's not surprising, when you think that protein is one of the basic building blocks of life.
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A bottle of B12 with dropper in front of a potted plant

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a vital nutrient that supports red blood cell production, proper neurological function, enhanced mood and memory, and heart, and bone health.
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A glass of milk on stark white background

Can Dairy Products Cause Osteoporosis?

When it comes to the use of animal products for ‘healthy bones,’ it seems that many consumers might unknowingly be doing their bodies more harm than good. Although animal milks do contain calcium, they also leach calcium from our bones.
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vitamin and mineral rich vegetable salad with quinoa broccoli carrots brussels sprouts peppers and zucchini

Vegan Sources of Vitamins & Minerals

For those who are considering adopting a vegan diet, one of the most common concerns is whether a diet that includes only plant foods can be nutritionally adequate, and provide sufficient levels of vitamins and minerals.
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Vegan Menu to Meet the Needs of Astronauts

Astronauts experiencing the physiological stresses of conditions like microgravity and increased cosmic radiation need nutrient-dense foods to offset some of the detrimental health effects of space travel. Turns out that vegan might be the best prescription.
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I’m a Vegan Athlete

I’m a vegan sportsperson. I regularly play a variety of sports and I run, sometimes competitively, and have done since I was a child, and I coach sport at a national level to both kids and adults, and work in…
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A pregnant woman's hands making a heart-shape over her belly

Optimum Nutrition for Vegan Pregnancy

Well-planned vegan diets are suitable for all stages of life (including pregnancy, lactation, and infancy) and they may also aid in the prevention of certain diseases. Adequate nutrient and caloric intake are crucial for making sure your pregnancy is as healthy as it can possibly be.
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Fresh colorful veggies (carrots, tomatoes, radish, broccoli, bell pepper) in a basket

25+ Vegan Sources of Calcium

Calcium is an essential nutrient in our diet. But not all calcium is equal. Did you know that although animal milks have calcium in them, they also leach calcium from the bones? Thankfully, there are plenty of calcium-rich plants to get this essential nutrient from, and we’ve provided a list to get you started.
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