the environment

Cows grazing on a beautiful green alpine meadow with a pristine blue lake nearby

A Call to Environmentalists

The vegan solution contains the power to revitalize the environmental movement, because it embodies exactly what is required to inspire the necessary change: a revival and restoration of our core ethical values.
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A tractor plows a vast field of soy under apocalyptic sky

As We Soy, So Shall We Reap

Grown in vast monocultures, causing massive environmental degradation, wasting huge quantities of water, and destroying wild lands, our use of soy to feed farmed animals outweighs the other uses by a long shot.
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Book cover of Richard Oppenlander's book "Comfortably Unaware"

Why Every Environmentalist Should be Vegan

Everyone has heard of Global Warming, but Global Depletion is much less known. As vast as Global Warming may seem, it is only a small piece in the growing puzzle of Global Depletion, which refers to the loss of all of Earth’s renewable and non-renewable resources.
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A herd of cows crowded together in pale light

Fecal Matters

Simply put, using animal agriculture to feed a vast human population brings with it the unavoidable problem of dealing with vast quantities of sewage.
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A fantasy scene where a dirt path divides a barren, lifeless expanse from a lush, green, flower-filled landscape

Veganism or Extinction?

The scientific community may be finally ready to recognize how the abuse of our fellow animals has led to the abuse of our planet, including its clean water reserves.
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A forest with sunlight beaming through

Another Chance

When we advocate for the widespread adoption of vegan values, we speak for the entire population of humanity’s victims, including once-glorious landscapes that have been preyed upon rather than protected.
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Young pigs standing in filth in an indoor hog farm

The Flu Lagoon: A Disaster Waiting To Happen

From 1991 to 1995, Smithfield Farms’ North Carolina operation spilled over two million gallons of pig waste into the Cape Fear River. In Virginia, Smithfield was fined $12.6 million in 1997 for 6,900 violations of the Clean Water Act. In 1994, as soon as NAFTA came into effect, Smithfield opened “Carroll Ranches” in the Mexican state of Veracruz, alleged to be the source of the Swine Flu outbreak.
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