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broccoli carrots teamed in the pan

Stop Heating Oil. Try the Water Sauté Method!

You've probably heard that heating oils can result in the "production of oxidized compounds and free radicals detrimental to your health." But there’s a simple healthy way to cut out oil whenever you're stir frying veggies or sautéing greens, and it’s called the water sauté method.
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Colorful mix of fresh raw peppers, tomatoes, apples, bananas, onions, carrots, eggplant, squash, mushroom, and cabbage

Eating to Get Well: Foods that Heal

Whether or not you are able to implement the ideal nutritional regimen, there have been numerous documented cases where individuals have recovered from life-threatening diseases simply by eliminating animal products in favor of vegan foods.
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From a Vegan Naturopath

Being committed to a vegan lifestyle, and as a qualified naturopath, I have been able to promote veganism as a superior healthy dietary choice. At the outset of my studies in the mid-1970s, I was a long-time vegetarian. Influenced by…
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Mixed colorful fruits with apple banana orange watermelons and other

Phytochemicals: Eating from the Rainbow!

To a certain degree, many of the health benefits of phytochemicals still remain a mystery. What we do know so far indicates that they work in harmony with the other vitamins and nutrients present in whole fruits and veggies to keep our bodies in their natural state of health.
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arugula sprouts grown at home

Easy Healthy Guide to Sprouting

Sprouts are a potent source of antioxidants and are alkalizing to the body. Both of these effects are essential for protecting against disease and strengthening the immune system.
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Are Superfoods the New Supplements?

Packed with nutrition and healing properties, superfoods are whole foods with naturally concentrated levels of nutrients and phytochemicals: chemical compounds, naturally occurring in plants, that have been shown to offer nutritional or healing benefits to the body.
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Vibrant red and green kale plant

Kale is the new Spinach

While it may be partially fad and partially flavor, kale’s calcium content alone could have won it a leading role at the dinner table. Thankfully though, there are even more qualities hidden in this tasty green, that make it well-deserving of the hype.
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asparagus sprigs

10 Protein-Packed Plants

The continuing debate over how much protein the average person needs has done little to change our interest in it. And it's not surprising, when you think that protein is one of the basic building blocks of life.
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A pregnant woman's hands making a heart-shape over her belly

Optimum Nutrition for Vegan Pregnancy

Well-planned vegan diets are suitable for all stages of life (including pregnancy, lactation, and infancy) and they may also aid in the prevention of certain diseases. Adequate nutrient and caloric intake are crucial for making sure your pregnancy is as healthy as it can possibly be.
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a bountiful spread of bright ingredients from red peppers cucumbers and cherry tomatoes to avocados lettuce tahini and grains

3 Keys to Creating Healthy Vegan Meals

Many new vegans are curious about the health benefits of a plant-based diet and how to go about planning meals that will not only fulfill their nutritional needs, but may also improve their current level of health.
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Two white and red bowls, one holding tahini and one spilling sesame seeds

The Talents of Tahini

If you've ever bought tahini for a special recipe, you may still have the rest of the jar sitting in your fridge or on the shelf. But tahini is not a seed butter to be ignored.
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Shallow dish with miso paste on white background

The Magic of Miso

Those new to miso may not immediately recognize the value in a fermented soybean paste. But if you give it a try, the flavor, versatility and health benefits of miso are bound to win you over.
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vitamin and mineral rich vegetable salad with quinoa broccoli carrots brussels sprouts peppers and zucchini

Vegan Sources of Vitamins & Minerals

For those who are considering adopting a vegan diet, one of the most common concerns is whether a diet that includes only plant foods can be nutritionally adequate, and provide sufficient levels of vitamins and minerals.
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