vegan dogs and cats

Vegan dog and cat Facebook groups

Vegan Dog and Cat Resources

Gentle World volunteers are frequently asked for reliable information about feeding a healthy, nutritious plant-based diet to their nonhuman friends. Here are some of our favorite resources.

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Beautiful golden-brown collie dog looking happy in the grass

100 Dogs on a Vegan Diet

By genus, dogs are classified as carnivorous, but metabolically, they are actually omnivorous. This means that their nutritional requirements can be adequately met with a plant-based diet.

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Tabby cat resting on his side on a bench in the garden

Can Cats Be Vegan?

Raising cats on a vegan diet requires a commitment to ensuring they are getting all the nutrients they need, including taurine and l-Carnitine. Having said that, we have read and heard claims of many healthy plant-powered cats.

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Dog enjoying a vegan dental chew

Dental Care for Vegan Dogs

For caregivers of vegan dogs, the growing range of plant-based oral care products is a blessing, making it possible for our rescued friends to enjoy good dental health without having to sacrifice our vegan values.

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