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Be Fair Be Vegan 2017

Be Fair Be Vegan 2017 post image

We are beyond excited to share with our readers the news that Be Fair Be Vegan, a powerful animal justice campaign run by Be Fair Be Vegan in partnership with Gentle World, will continue to bring its uncompromising vegan message to locations around the United States and beyond.

The campaign’s website recently announced that Be Fair Be Vegan is now open to requests from groups and individuals who wish to bring the campaign to other locations, starting with the Feb/March initiative in Hobart, Tasmania, which was discussed by Angel in this interview with Marlene Narrow.

In addition to the news that there is an ongoing 2 to 1 matching funds pledge for future phases of the campaign, there is now a collection of fantastic BFBV educational materials available, making it possible for activists to do Be Fair Be Vegan street outreach and tabling events as well as bringing the billboards to their locations.