Our Hawai’i Center

Located on the Big Island, in the beautiful and peaceful area of North Kohala, Gentle World’s Hawaii center is a model of veganic growing, practical conservation, and cooperation.

Our member-volunteers provide educational services free of charge to those who are interested in learning why and how to avoid the products of animal exploitation, facilitating seminars, private consultations, cooking classes, delicious wholesome meals, and more.

Our Hawaii center is also Gentle World’s publishing house and nonprofit headquarters, from which we broadcast our message to the world via our publications, our website and newsletter, social media, and our YouTube channel. With a vegan publishing legacy that spans four decades, Gentle World’s educational resources continue to reach a growing audience with information and inspiration intended to awaken the vegan in everyone.


We are happy to inform our readers that we have reopened our Hawaii visitor program to individuals who have been here on the Big Island for at least one week. However, with the situation shifting all the time, we’re having to revise our visitor policy accordingly and ask all potential visitors to be aware that things might change from week to week. 

Our Visitor Program

Those interested in experiencing Gentle World are invited to learn about the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of veganism in a positive and supportive environment.

Throughout the decades, we have welcomed the assistance of enthusiastic individuals who are inspired by our vision. 

People from all over the world are invited to learn alongside us as we work together toward achieving our goal of a more ecological, collaborative, self-sufficient way of life, with respect for the natural world, other animals, and one another.

By participating in the workings of the center, visitors have the opportunity to deepen their educational experience by contributing toward our outreach, and helping us to help others.

Three volunteers sit at the Gentle World table at our vegan visitor center in Hawaii

Something We Will Never Forget

Ana and Diogo came to us from Brazil, uncertain of how to be vegan in a country that isn’t so vegan-friendly! After learning about the vegan philosophy, and how to find vegan options in Brazil, they left here inspired and excited to step into their new vegan lives.

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Using My Voice

Thank you for teaching me, Gentle World. You have grounded me in my morals, thoughts, and actions. I know the future of the planet’s health relies on my generation. I will do my absolute best to ensure we set a new precedent of standards. 

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Using My Voice

Thank you for teaching me, Gentle World. You have grounded me in my morals, thoughts, and actions. I know the future of the planet’s health relies on my generation. I will do my absolute best to ensure we set a new precedent of standards. 

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The Best Experience of my Life

Gentle World taught me more than I can put into words and gave me a new perspective on life — not just my life, but the life of everything and everyone around me. I’ll carry that with me everywhere I go.

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Two volunteers enjoy a vegan breakfast at Gentle World's visitor center in Hawaii

A Newfound Sense of Purpose

At 22 and 23, Laura and Libby came to Gentle World from their home town of San Marcos in Texas, hoping to find the inspiration to transition from vegetarian to vegan.

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Students Becoming Teachers

People come to Gentle World from all over to learn from our team of vegan educators, all of whom have been vegan for anywhere from two to five decades. But often our guests inspire us with their insights into what they’re learning, and some of them turn out to be the best educators themselves!

Here’s a quick video that we shot of five participants in our program who all did an excellent job of articulating the significance of their new vegan understanding, and how it has changed their perspective on life, the world, and their place in it. 

Veganic Education

Many of our guests want to learn how to grow food without animal products, and those who come to our Hawaii center have the opportunity to participate in our veganic garden, which feeds our guests and volunteers, and also allows us to share our veganic produce with the wider Kohala community.

Gentle World's gardener Meadow shows off his beautiful veganic produceWith over 40 years of experience in veganic growing, Meadow is the head gardener and veganic educator at our Hawaii center. he is a self-taught authority on the subject of veganic soil amendments such as EM Bokashi, ag-grade spirulina, and biochar. 

With Meadow’s hard work and dedication, and with the help of our volunteers, our gardens provide an ongoing supply of fresh leafy greens, as well as our own veganic cabbages, green beans, beets, radishes, cucumbers, edamame, and even sweet corn.

garden with various herbs and greens

Lessons from the Garden

Change is the only constant, and the garden proves that we need to prepare for and adapt to these changes. But that’s what the garden, and life, is all about — taking what we have learned, dusting off the dirt, and starting again.

A beautiful close up of a pink four-petaled flower

Highlights From Our Spring Program

Since our return from Shangri-La in April, we have had the pleasure to get to know a number of beautiful people who have passed through our Hawaii home.

Public Outreach Events

All our educational events are 100% free, and guests are always invited to enjoy an incredibly delicious lunch made from Gentle World classic recipes, as well as trying out samples from companies providing vegan alternatives that can be found on local store shelves or online.

A collage of images from a Gentle World educational event in HawaiiGentle World events have become famous in our local area for the vegan banquets we serve, to help spread the word that vegan living requires no sacrifice.

From film screenings to health seminars and cooking classes, we always make a point of providing an introduction to vegan products available for purchase at the supermarkets and health food stores, showing that it’s easier than ever to be vegan.

Collage of educational plant-based medicine event at Gentle World vegan community Hawaii

Plant-Based Medicine Event

On October 23rd, Island-based cardiologist Lawrence Derbes spoke at the Gentle World educational center in North Kohala, bringing his message of plant-based healing to dozens of inspired attendees.

A close up of a white luculia flower cluster beginning to open

More From Our Visitors

As we say goodbye to September, it somehow seems as though the end of the year is right around the corner. This past season at our Hawaii location has been a wonderful time for visitors and volunteers.

Gentle Cuisine

With a background in the Jewish resort hotels of the Catskills, our founding members recognized early on the importance of making vegan food enticing, tasty, and satisfying. We’ve always found that when people experience really good plant-based food, their hearts and minds are more open to learning about the far-reaching impact of becoming vegan.

Creamy tofu With that goal in mind, it has always been a big part of both our heritage and our outreach to demonstrate how incredibly delicious veganism can be.

Some of our favorite, never-fail dishes to serve for outreach are Better-than-Beef Barbecue, Tofu Eggless Salad, and Cashew-Carrot Paté, along with our Outrageous Mac Nut Cookies, and world-famous Banana Bread.

banana bread studded with fresh dates and walnuts baked fresh cut into slices In the world of healthy, exciting vegan cuisine, Gentle World has a multi-decade history of innovation. Our team of educators are proud to continue that tradition in the Gentle World kitchen today, where experimentation is still celebrated, along with tried-and-true recipes that date back to the very early days of the vegan movement.

vegan painting fruit landscape

A Vegan Earth Day Celebration!

Earlier this month, Gentle World volunteers participated in a local Earth Day celebration, which brought the magic of plant-based healing to hundreds of people… What were we doing there? Serving food, of course!

Vegan Gathering

At the beginning of the month, Gentle World hosted an event that attracted over 70 vegans, for a beautiful day of education and celebration. In

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Vegan Voices

On October 18th, Gentle World welcomed over 60 people to our North Kohala center for an afternoon of education and inspiration. Guests had the chance

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on the Big Island

Last month we were thrilled to host a screening of the film Cowspiracy, which is a truly eye-opening exposé of the environmental and ethical impacts

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Kohala Country Fair

For nine straight years from 2003 to 2012, Gentle World volunteers set up a ‘vegan restaurant for a day’, in the middle of an event where almost every other booth was serving ‘Standard American Fair Food’.

This event gave us an excellent opportunity to serve delicious food to hundreds of people, many of whom were unfamiliar with vegan food and the philosophy behind the practice of veganism.

Because we’ve learned over the years that ‘a taste is worth a thousand words’, we take great care in providing a beautiful selection of lovingly-prepared, wholesome, incredibly delicious food.

The result was that our booth attracted not only vegetarians and vegans, and those who want to eat more consciously, but even folks with a standard diet who came simply because they had heard about how good the food was, and they wanted to see whether it was really true!

A deep orange-red sunset over the ocean

A Gentle World in my Heart

Aloha Lovely Gentle Worlders… You were all so wonderful and my time at the farm was great. I LOVE my new cookbook and share it with anyone who is interested. I am happily cooking for hostels everywhere with the great recipes…

Gentle World at the Kohala Fair

Vegan Restaurant for a Day

Every year, in the beginning of October, Gentle World volunteers set up a ‘vegan restaurant for a day’, smack in the middle of a fairly typical Country Fair, an event where almost every other booth serves ‘Standard American Fair Food’.

Animal Rescue

Poof the Magic Rabbit found a home in Gentle World when he was taken to a local kill shelter after being abandoned by our neighbors.

Freedom and Fawn at Gentle World in Hawaii with Summer

Prince Valiant became our beloved Great Dane mix after being found by our caretakers, starving and dehydrated.

We learned how to nurse baby birds when little sparrow Phoenix Rising was brought to us, struggling to survive after falling from the nest.

And now, we are proud family to Freedom and Fawn (pictured here), who had no chance of being rehomed as a pair, so they crept into our hearts instead, and stayed there.

A tiny baby sparrow with eyes closed, sitting on a human hand

Phoenix Rising: A Second Chance

This tiny (but feisty) little fighter was covered with ants and just beginning to get her feathers. Our friend told us she frequently sees birds that have fallen from their nests, but this baby bird in particular seemed determined to survive.

How You Can Help

What you can do to help us awaken the vegan in everyone:

Become vegan
If you’re not yet vegan, this is the most significant thing you can do. In today’s world, billions upon billions of nonhuman animals are exploited to serve human purposes, just like human slaves. Their owners are legally entitled to subject them to unimaginable cruelty in the name of profit, convenience, and fulfilling the desires of consumers. Every non-vegan choice contributes to this atrocity. The rising tide of vegans, on the other hand, is the hope these enslaved individuals have for emancipation from this brutal existence.

Help others to become vegan
Moral paradigm shifts do not cause themselves. They are caused by small groups of people within society who persistently educate others why change is necessary. By becoming an advocate for veganism, you can join a growing, positive, and peaceful movement to foster respect for the natural world, protect and restore public health, and most important, to end the social acceptability of violence and injustice inflicted on our fellow animals.

Make use of the GW resources
We share the best of what we publish on our newsletter and on our social media channels, and we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, informative content that also inspires the reader. When you encounter material of ours that touches you, you can help increase its impact by sharing it with your own friends and followers.

Write for us!
If writing is your thing, and you’re passionate about using your talents to help, consider becoming a contributor to the Gentle World website. We’re currently open to submissions for our Vegan Living section, so if you have the knowledge and the skill, please feel free to reach out and introduce yourself.

Make a financial contribution
You can
make a one-time or recurring donation here. You can also support us by visiting our online store, and by using the affiliate links on our site. Partnerships with select vegan companies are one of the ways we raise funds for our educational programs.