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A Double Celebration

For those who missed our 40th anniversary announcement in February, Gentle World was gifted a $10,000 matching funds challenge, allowing all anniversary donations to be doubled.

We are elated to share the news that your support has brought us to our goal, allowing us to boost our outreach budget by a full $20,000!

We look forward to putting these precious funds to work, toward our goal of helping to create a vegan world.

With a growing team of helpers, we’re continuing every day with the development of our new website. Rebuilding the site is proving to be more involved than anticipated, but it’s also proving to be more gratifying and exciting, so we’re eagerly looking forward to sharing it once it’s ready.

☀️ 80 Years of Sun ☀️

Meanwhile, in the same year that Gentle World celebrates its 40th anniversary as an organization, May 16th marked the 80th anniversary of the birth of our co-founder Sun, who left this earthly existence behind in February of 2019.

Here in Gentle World, our sixteenth of May was devoted to remembering this remarkable woman and all she brought to our lives and to the world.

Needless to say, Gentle World would not (and could not) have existed without her brilliant mind, courageous spirit, generous heart, and persevering effort.

Thankfully for those who loved her, and for those who knew her through what she shared publicly, she did leave behind a body of work that allows her to live on. In honor of her 80th, we are pleased to be able to add to that collection some items from our archives, shared here for the very first time.

Our thanks go to Joe Avery, a volunteer whose participation in our program in 2011 (ten years ago!) led to the recording of this experimental footage.

The insights Sun shares in these clips offer a glimpse into her multi-decade relationship with veganism.
Accompanying the footage is a collection of photos compiled by those who knew Sun not only as a vegan pioneer, but also as a kind, caring, warm-hearted, fun-loving, and extraordinarily inspiring human being.

Till The World Shall Set Things Right

Many of our readers knew Sun through her skillful and impassioned writings. But what many don’t yet know is that she was herself a passionate lover of literature, of poetry, and of the words and sentiments of history’s great philosophers.

One of the gifts she left behind was a compilation of quotes and excerpts that she had carefully selected over many years. In a tip of the hat to William Wordsworth, she named her beloved collection Wisdom Married to Immortal Verse.

One of her favorites was Ella Wheeler Wilcox, an American poetess writing at the turn of the last century. Sun’s collection contained a number of Wilcox’s poems, and she frequently gave Gentle World community members and guests the opportunity to hear her recite them from memory.

The words she shares here are actually from two of Ella’s poems: The World’s Need, and Voice of the Voiceless. Sun edited the resulting hybrid for brevity.

Note: Despite being a contemporary of George Bernard Shaw (who was famously passionate about his vegetarianism) Ella Wheeler Wilcox was neither a vegetarian nor a vegan. However, much like the courtroom scene in 1967’s Dr Doolittle, her 1896 poem Voice of the Voiceless somehow captured something of the essence of veganism which spoke to Sun’s heart.

The Golden Rule

Back in April, Gentle World’s Angel Flinn teamed up with animal rights activist Craig Cline to create a compilation of Craig’s writings on the subject of The Golden Rule, as it relates to veganism. Coincidentally (or serendipitously,) while searching our archives for the above footage, we also found a short clip of Sun talking about how her understanding of The Golden Rule helped to inspire and deepen her veganism.

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