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A Day to Remember

The past couple of months have been eventful at VeganLand, and with the help of your support, we have been able to achieve some significant steps forward.

Ironically, however, due to an unexpected turn of events, the fence that we built to keep the cows on the upper part of the property is now being used to keep them on the lower part of the property.

It’s a long story, but suffice it to say that we can’t safely keep five pubescent cows at the top end of our property during times when bulls are being used for breeding on the land just beyond our upper border, where they would be able to clearly see (and be seen by) our very curious adolescents.


Once again, life in the non-vegan world stepped in to make things just a little more difficult than they would otherwise need to be, when we learned that we had two days to create a solution before the bulls were moved to the pasture above for the following four weeks.

Thankfully, we were able to resolve the situation before any more cows (or bulls) busted through any more barbed wire fences, as this time, we could have ended up with a pregnancy on our hands. And frankly, as lovely as they are, one of the last things this over-burdened planet needs is more cows.

When it became clear that, for the coming few weeks, the cows would actually need to be kept away from the area we had designated for them, a new plan began to take shape that will ultimately require a rotation of grazing areas according to the rotation of the bulls on the surrounding land, with the cows being kept always at a safe distance from any of these handsome suitors.

For now, while we work toward the goal of dividing the upper pasture into three separate grazing zones, the Fabulous Five have been making themselves at home (temporarily) on the only section of the property where this isn’t an issue: the part we have been tending for use by humans.

They appear to be quite happy about the new arrangement, and on the plus side, bringing them to the lower half of the property for now has forced us to prioritize bringing water to the bottom as well as to the top, laying the essential foundation for all our future veganic growing efforts.

It has also been positively mesmerizing to watch the cows getting to know the parts of the land where we feel more at home, bringing a touch of their mystery and their magic into our little corner of the world.

In the early evening light, the sun’s rays cast a halo that can be seen perhaps most dramatically in the golden-blonde ringlets of their sunlit tails.

One can’t help but reflect on how comforting it must be for these escapees to be standing in the sunlight as they were always meant to be, after spending so many weeks as youngsters seeing the light of day only at a distance, from beneath a ceiling that had shut them away from the sky altogether. To see them grazing on green grass (which they all but vacuum up with their mouths as they move from meadow to meadow) it’s easy as anything to recognize how essential it must be for their psychological wellbeing to have grass underfoot and undernose.

While it was impossible to see while photographing and filming, we discovered something interesting when reviewing the video: it turns out that the cows were bathed in rays of rainbow light, almost as though being blessed by their very own fairy godmother in the sky.