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A Better Reality

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Three years ago, we were fortunate enough to meet two wonderful people who came to us from Italy, and volunteered in Shangri-La for two seasons in a row, becoming part of our communal family for a time. Sadly, we have been apart ever since, but the time we spent together has kept us close, even across the distance. Here we share with Gentle World readers some of their recent words…

When I take a deep breath and relax, when a bird sings, I think of you. When the Sun shines and gives a bright color to the land, I think of you. When Nature shows her Love, we think of you.

You gave us a lot. You gave me the strength of knowing the root that is at the base of a better reality.

We are staying in Italy, sharing a place with few friends. Some friends and family really get the vegan lifestyle and we are helping them to carry on when the outside pressure tries to push them back. The other day a guy came to our house who was scared about his first dinner without meat and dairy, and probably was a member of a vegan unfriendly group. We tried our best, giving him good food and the most information he could accept, and at the end he left saying that it was wrong for him to come to our place with a prejudice about veganism, and now at least he believes that his belly can be filled without the killing of anyone.

Sometimes it happens that people meet us and tell us to please stay here, to be present in this society, because they see that this place needs people like us to keep the flame of a new thought alive, to show a different way to those who are looking for it.

And you are important for us in this, because great teachings came from our experience with you.