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A wide shot of one of Gentle World's veganic gardens in Shangri-La, New Zealand

Shangri-La’s Veganic Magic

Gentle World’s master grower Magic Rees has hit a home run with his 2021 veganic ventures. Our readers were given a first glimpse of the new garden last September, and we are now over the moon to see his efforts quite literally coming to fruition.

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Baby green plant seedlings growing in soil

Veganic Growing in Action

It’s always a joy to give people the opportunity to reconnect with where the food we eat comes from, and the veganic cultivation of plant foods is a beautiful thing to take part in.

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corn stalks beginning to sprout

Veganic Gardening and Farming Resources

As the Veganic (Vegan Organic or Stockfree Organic) movement continues to grow, many online resources have become available for new and experienced gardeners and farmers who are interested in these sustainable and ethical growing methods.

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Garden Therapy

The expansion of Shangri-La’s veganic growing will help us to provide even more farm-fresh veganic produce to our future guests and volunteers, as well as those participating in Te Whare Rongoa’s plant-based nutrition counseling program.

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hebe flower

Partnering with Te Whare Rongoā

Serving NZ’s Far North community with a high percentage of Maori clients, Te Whare Rongoā (House of Medicine) offers well-being services through education in plant-based food and herbal medicine.

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White and yellow daisies

A New Path

In December of 2015, on a very sunny spring day, I arrived at this hidden valley in the far north of New Zealand. My first week in

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Cloudy sunrise over veganic agriculture at Gentle World Hawaii

August Visitors

I cannot begin to describe how much I have learned and experienced the past week. I am absolutely grateful that life brought me here, even

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A white rabbit eating seedlings in a garden

The Magic Rabbit

While we were trying our best to ease his discomfort, we were reminded over and over that our special little man, the Magic Rabbit himself, would be seen by many as nothing more than a luxury meal or the makings of a high-end sweater; a bundle of meat covered in the softest fur.

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sprout growing from soil

What is Vegan Organic Gardening?

If you’re new to gardening or are looking to transition your garden to a vegan-organic plot, then these pieces will help. From how to set up your compost pile to an overview of veganic fertilizers, they are filled with a wealth of information worth checking out.

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A human hand rubbing a happy pig's belly

Belly Rubs and Bucket Lists

When I scratched Millie’s back she grumbled in delight and leaned closer. When all the food was done she used her nose to help lay herself down and after some good side scratches she presented her belly, ready for rubbing.

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dandelion ready to shed its seeds

Weeds Worth Growing

Could it be that weeds are serving a much-needed purpose in your garden or lawn? And could it be that these pesky weeds are in fact just as nutritious, or more so, than the plants you’re protecting from them?

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young girl concentrating in the garden

Outdoor Activities for Kids

The love of nature is important to a growing child’s health, as well as the health of their relationship with the natural world. Among these silly, fun and educational activities, we hope you and your little ones will find new ways to enjoy and appreciate the nature around you.

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A human hand touching the hand of an ape, palm to palm

The Vegan Evolution

The vegan ideal represents nothing less than the next evolutionary step for humankind. This quantum leap may seem far-fetched from the position we are in today, but it is within this very change that we will ultimately find our hope for the world of tomorrow.

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cucumbers growing on the vine

12 Vegan Garden Tips

Here are some simple tips to help you plan out your spring, summer or fall veggie patch. We hope they inspire you to start plotting out your home garden for next year and to grow pesticide- and stock-free!

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small hand shovel filled with soil next to pot and other gardening tools

What’s Hiding in Your Organic Fertilizer?

If you’re concerned that some common organic practices support animal farming, then it’s time to learn about the byproducts in your fertilizers, the health risks they pose, and the alternative, green, truly organic fertilizers you’ll find in your own backyard, or on the garden store shelf.

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A front view of Gentle World's gold and red farmhouse in New Zealand

Life in a Vegan Community

Because we’re not willing to accept ‘the world as it is,’ we have joined together from different walks of life in order to work towards the building of a new one; both as a sanctuary for ourselves and as a model of what human beings can achieve.

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A herd of cows crowded together in pale light

Fecal Matters

Simply put, using animal agriculture to feed a vast human population brings with it the unavoidable problem of dealing with vast quantities of sewage.

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worms held in a bit of dirt

The Wonder of Worms

There’s no need to contain worms in a worm box to receive the benefits of their activity. In your garden they can choose to go where they want when they want, aerating and enriching the soil as they travel, distributing nutrients throughout the garden without their natural lifecycle being disturbed.

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Woman's hand holding a white chicken's egg with a basket of eggs to the side

Waking Up: Vegetarian to Vegan

I came to Gentle World’s Vegan Education Center inspired by a friend’s email suggesting it as an interesting place to visit and drawn by the veganic gardening concept. I thought, “what the heck, why not WWOOF for a week and see what happens?”

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Fruit and Vegetables from Harvest Time at Gentle World Shangri-La

Harvest Time

Here in Gentle World, we sometimes forget that many people don’t have the luxury of enjoying home-grown vegetables, let alone delicious veganically-grown fruit… But in

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Veganic gardener Magic Rees kneels next to his corn crop at Gentle World's New Zealand center

Gardening with Magic

Magic Rees has been an organic grower since 1980. In 1989, he co-founded the Far North Organics Association in New Zealand, for which he served as Farm Certifier for 10 years. In 2000, he became Shangri-La’s head gardener and veganic educator.

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A compost bin holding discarded vegetable scraps and other organic matter

Beginner’s Guide to Composting

You can successfully create rich, nutritious soil from composting fruit/vegetable peels and kitchen scraps, leaves, grass clippings and any trimmings of trees and bushes that are in their green, soft state.

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