🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 An Enchanting Oasis of Peace and Compassion! 🌱 🌎

written by Thuy Phan, who visited us from the Netherlands

I recently had the privilege of visiting Gentle World, and I can’t express how truly transformative and heartwarming the experience was!

From the moment I arrived, I was enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth, kindness, and gentle living. The community’s dedication to veganism, sustainability, and compassionate living is nothing short of inspiring.

The cooking classes opened my eyes to a world of delectable, plant-based cuisine that I never thought possible. The gentle touch in every aspect of life here extended to the garden, where I had the pleasure of working alongside Meadow.

Summer’s nurturing spirit made me feel like I was part of a big, loving family. Her care and dedication were akin to a mother’s embrace, and her gentle guidance was a beacon of light.

Angel, an incredible soul, patiently shared knowledge and connected us all with the heart of Gentle World. The teachings went beyond just practical skills; they nurtured my spirit.

Sky, with captivating stories and ideas, enriched our conversations and expanded my horizons. Every interaction was like a journey into the realms of imagination and wonder.

The magic of Gentle World lies not only in its serene surroundings but in the beautiful souls who keep it going. The bonds formed here sway with love and understanding, creating an enchanting tapestry of shared experiences.

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to this exceptional community for welcoming me with open arms and open hearts. Gentle World has left a mark on my soul, and I can’t wait to return to this oasis of peace and compassion.

If you’re seeking a transformative and magical experience that will rekindle your love for the planet and all its creatures, Gentle World is the place to be. Thank you, Gentle World, for showing me the path to a more compassionate and gentle way of life!

🌱 πŸ’š 🌏



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