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WANTED: 2016 Caretakers for Vegan Sanctuary in the Far North

WANTED: 2016 Caretakers for Vegan Sanctuary in the Far North post image

Update June 8th:

Dear Readers, 

The last Gentle World volunteer has left our New Zealand center for the winter, and has headed to the US to organize a VeganFest in Florida. Since we need to be sure our dogs will be safe and sound, Shangri-La is now in the hands of a caretaker who will be watching over the land and taking care of our beloveds until October.

We are still hoping to find a second person to share in this important mission. Little Mighty (pictured here) is a strong little guy with the energy of a young pup. but he’s getting older now, and he needs some extra attention in the wintertime, especially when all his people are away. His friend and adopted sister Cozy is the most loving and affectionate dog you will ever meet. The two of them are a great joy to share one’s life with.

Since it would be a shared position, costs would be shared as well. Feel free to contact us for more details.  


Gentle World is seeking one or more vegans to watch over our New Zealand home while we are away for the winter months in 2016 (June through September, negotiable*) and care for our two beloved dogs who are fed a 100% plant-based diet.

cozyShangri-La is a vegan educational center and sanctuary in Northland, 22 km south of Kaitaia. The property is surrounded by 9000 acres of forest reserve and has the headwaters to the Victoria River.

Rent is FREE, and the house is solar-powered, but you would be required to pay for your own food and expenses, as well as half of the satellite internet/phone bill ($100 per month) which allows for unlimited domestic (NZ) as well as the US, UK and Australia. A security deposit is required.

There are two wood burning stoves and a winter supply of firewood, as well as a modern, LPG-fueled stove/oven. We have a clean and tidy composting toilet, and river water to the house for drinking and the shower. There may be vegan-organic greens and/or herbs for you to pick in the garden.

The property is conveniently located off state highway 1, but is completely secluded in a large valley at the bottom of a long driveway. You will need your own car that can handle a steep gravel driveway, which is well-maintained. All wheel drive is best, but most cars can handle it.

mightyRequirements: vegan, clean and tidy, dog-loving, responsible and reliable, able to handle solitude and secluded country living.

* Contact us here for more details.