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Vegan Mac n Cheese! (Gluten-free & Soy-free)

Vegan Mac n Cheese! (Gluten-free & Soy-free) post image

One of my favorite pasta dishes as a child was mac and cheese. Since becoming vegan it was something I thought I’d never have again. But while I was preparing to make dinner one day, an idea came to mind as I looked down at the flavorful organic squash on the kitchen counter.

What I love about this recipe is that it uses a vegetable as the base for the sauce, which gives it a delicious creamy texture and wonderful rich taste, as well as having all the nutrition of a colorful garden squash.

Here is my simple vegan mac and cheese recipe that’s quickly becoming one of our favorites.



3 lbs organic squash (buttercup, acorn, or similar)
1 large onion, diced
2 large cloves of garlic, minced
½ Tbsp dried thyme
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp tamari
2 tsp Herbamare
1 Tbsp blonde miso
4 Tbsp nutritional yeast
½ cup almond milk
3 cups of water
1 cup Daiya cheddar shreds (or other vegan cheese)
2 (12 oz.) packages gluten-free fusilli pasta
a pinch of black pepper (for the top) 


  1. Prepare squash for steaming by cutting in half then in quarters. Remove the skin and seeds, then cut into smaller chunks. Place the squash into a steamer basket over a pot of water. On medium to high heat, steam the squash until soft. Allow to cool.
  2. In a frying pan, heat the olive oil, then add onion, garlic and thyme. Fry for 5-10 minutes until onions are soft and have a slight brown edge. Be sure not to overcook.
  3. In a blender, blend the steamed squash, cooked onion, garlic, nutritional yeast, miso, Herbamare, almond milk and water. Blend on high until the sauce is smooth and creamy. It should have a  consistency similar to that of yogurt, so if it’s too thick, you might need to add water.
  4. In a large pot, bring to boil 6-8 quarts of water and add pasta. Cook for 9 minutes. Drain and rinse thoroughly, then drain well again.
  5. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Take two cups of sauce from the blender and place it in a smaller pot for later.
  6. In a chafing dish, pour half of the remaining sauce to cover the bottom evenly. Add cooked pasta. Pour in remaining sauce and mix well together.
  7. Sprinkle vegan shredded cheese over your dish along with cracked black pepper and place into the oven for 15 minutes or until the cheese has slightly melted. Note: Be sure not to leave the dish in the oven too long, to prevent the sauce from drying out.
  8. Just before serving, heat the two cups of sauce you set aside to drizzle on top of the individual plates.