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White sugar is not only very unhealthy, but it is often refined through animal bone char, especially in the US.

To produce maple syrup, sap has to be collected and boiled down. During the boiling, a drop of lard, shortening or vegetable oil is sometimes added to prevent the sap from foaming up, and this ingredient is not listed on the label. When buying maple syrup, look for the kosher symbol, or call the company to see that they use vegetable-based defoamers.

The Ultimate Sweetener®
100% pure birch sugar. Safe even for diabetics.
No trees are ever cut down for the sugar.
Free of sugar, honey, corn syrup, fructose, bone ash, animal products or anything artificial.
Sold directly to the public.

Quality organic cane sugar, containing all its original molasses.

Wholesome Sweeteners
A range of alternative sweeteners including organic Sucanat®, agave nectar in different flavors, organic stevia, molasses, evaporated cane sugar.

Florida Crystals

Sweet Dreams®
Brown rice syrup made by Lundberg Family Farms

Stevia Extract
Innovative Natural Products

White Stevia Powder
NuNaturals, Inc.

Sweet Cloud Organic Brown Rice Malt Syrup
Organic Barley Malt Syrup
Great Eastern Sun

Date Sugar
Jaffe Brothers

Fruit Sweet
Pear, pineapple & peach juice.
Pear Sweet
Concentrated pear juice
Wax Orchards

Suzanne’s Specialites
All natural, vegan and organic
sweeteners, desserts & toppings

Sweetleaf Stevia
Zero Calories & 100% Natural
Wisdom Natural Brands

Madhava Agave

Shady Maple Farms
Their certified organic maple syrup is animal-fat free, produced with vegetable oil in the defoaming process.
They also market certified organic maple sugar & chunks.
Shady Maple Farms, Canada

Maple Grove Farms of Vermont, Inc.
100% pure maple syrup.

Spring Tree
An amber, 100% pure, animal-fat free,
certified organic maple syrup.
Made in Canada.
Distributed by Specialty Brands of America

Maple Valley Syrup & Granules (organic)

Maple Acres Inc.
An all natural, deep amber maple syrup made in a traditional fashion.
Kewadin, Michigan.

Malt Barley Syrup
Syrup made from sprouted barley.
Eden Foods

Agave Nectar Light
From the Agave plant. Organic.
Western Commerce

Chatfield’s Date Sugar
American Natural Snacks

Ultimate Superfoods
“The world’s most beneficial foods”
Organic evaporated coconut palm sugar and many other fine products.