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Vegan Cream Cheese ~ Galaxy Nutritional Foods

Vegan Cream Cheese ~ Galaxy Nutritional Foods post image

For some people on the way to adopting a vegan diet, breaking their addiction to cheese is the last bump on the road. Nowadays though, becoming vegan doesn’t mean giving up your favorite cheesy treats! From cheese pizza to a warm, toasty bagel covered in cream cheese, there are vegan alternatives galore to curb your cravings.

We recently had the opportunity to try some Galaxy Nutritional Foods award-winning vegan cream cheese. This light, smooth, spreadable cheese alternative is not only dairy free, but gluten and sugar free as well. In fact, as stated on their website, as well as being (obviously) free from dairy, casein, cholesterol, and lactose, both of their vegan cream cheese flavors are free from gluten, preservatives, hydrogenated fat, sugar, and GMO ingredients.

The overall favorite among our crew was ‘Chive & Garlic’, which is silky, satisfying, and packed with flavor.

Even without all these wonderful vegan alternatives popping up on the market today, being vegan is not only highly rewarding in many ways, it’s easy and enjoyable too. Thankfully though, now we can eat our cream cheese and keep our ideals too.

Be aware: although Galaxy offers a number of vegan cheese alternatives, not all their products are vegan-friendly, so be sure to read your labels.