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Vegan Company: Farm Dog Naturals

Vegan Company: Farm Dog Naturals post image

Farm Dog Naturals is a small vegan business that creates beautiful herbal remedies in small batches. In addition to their “Relax Stress & Anxiety Formula” and “Relief Pet Urine And Eco Cleaner,” Farm Dog also offers two beautiful products to help dogs (and horses) suffering from skin conditions.


Salvation to those crusty noses, patches of dry skin and inflammation. Fresh herbs and organic botanicals chosen for their skin soothing properties work to heal skin irritations, inflammation, hot spots, dry skin, topical yeast, crusty noses and sore tender paw pads. Great for inflamed skin folds, wrinkles, yeasty areas where things can get funky.


Restore Salve stops itching and helps dogs avoid secondary skin infections. We call it our “vet in a jar”. Restore can be used on hot spots, bug bites, flea dermatitis and weepy skin. Heals cuts, scrapes, punctures, and open wounds.

These two salves are made from wonderful ingredients that are both soothing and healing, and which are clean enough to be applied to the skin without concern about accidental ingestion.

In addition, according to their website,

“Farm Dog’s herbs are from a local sustainable farm where they use methods like companion planting and healthy soil to control pest and disease. We provide full disclosure of our ingredients for all of our products so you can be assured of their content and safety… Sourcing sustainable ingredients is an ongoing mission of Farm Dog Naturals. We are proud to say that we source our peppermint, lavender, apricot oil, aloe butter, candelilia wax, mineral salts, lemon oil, cherry kernel oil, extra virgin coconut oil and almond oil all from within the United States… Because Farm Dog is a small growing company, we must depend on others to help us find overseas ingredients. We use Green America Certified companies for this purpose. Companies with this certification have the highest standards when it comes to foreign production of raw ingredients. This insures the integrity of our foreign ingredients and their Fair Trade status.”

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