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The Story of Stuff

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The computer I am using to type this story is about seven years old now and has begun to make those deathly “crunching” sounds, as I like to call them, that signal its potential for a sudden demise. What this means is that soon, whether I want to or not, I’ll be buying a new (or at least, new to me) computer.

For many, the concept of buying a new computer is nothing big, but perhaps we should not take the purchases we make so lightly.

Most corporations are more than happy to encourage us to grab the shiniest, newest computer they are producing off the shelf as soon as it arrives. But for every perfectly packaged item you see sitting on the shelf, from computers to chocolate bars, there is a story.

It is The Story of Stuff and Annie Leonard summarizes, in the video below, why we ought to think more about the people, animals and resources that are affected by the purchases we choose to make.

The Story of Stuff Project exposes the cycle of consumerism that currently operates in our country. This is a system that is pumping out products designed to fail or make us feel inferior, in order to perpetuate itself.

It’s time to start breaking this cycle by REDUCING before reusing and re-purposing before recycling!

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