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The Spirit of Ahimsa

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written by Jay Dinshah, Out Of The Jungle

“As I have implied, veganism involves no animal-source foods or products. We do not use animal flesh, of course, because of the killing, but also because of the terrible cruelties and abnormal conditions involved in all the stages of the life of the animal in captivity, from the moment of conception to the moment of slaughter. I shall not go into these in detail here, as they are well documented in vegetarian and other literature, and are readily seen and learned on the farm, in books, at the slaughterhouse, etc.

But it is less well known that the production of milk requires animals to be artificially bred, fattened, and killed: the innocent calves that are born to keep their mothers in lactation (giving milk), and are destined for a short and sad life before meeting their ‘destiny’ as platefuls of veal… It is difficult to understand how the mind of man can think of such things to inflict upon helpless creatures– excepting for one factor: the profit involved. This is the key, always the profit motive.

In the dairy industry, as in all phases of animal husbandry, everything must turn a profit or it must “go” (to the slaughter) and the sooner, the better… Mastitis and even less pleasant diseases are common in the dairy industry; however, a veterinarian (who was himself a vegetarian) once told us that ‘the slaughterhouse is the farmer’s best friend’ for disposing of diseased animals – to be used for human food.  If thinking about this makes one wish to stop eating meat, it is certainly no recommendation for the use of milk!

Eggs are the furthest thing from a reasonable and wholesome food for humans that it is possible to find. One need only apply the test of Truth to the precise source of the egg, the anatomical relation to the rest of the hen’s body, the organs producing the material, and to what manner of waste in the human female it corresponds; and if this test of Truth be objectively applied, the result must be an immediate and final cessation of the use of eggs by such a person making the test. But we do not deal with these facts alone. The compassionate viewpoint that we take for the cows is just as valid in application to the hen.

The vegan protests, with all his heart, mind and soul,  against not only the manner in which the killing is done, not only against the killing itself, but against the whole selfish and ignoble system of breeding, raising, penning, castrating, doping, disrupting of families, enslaving, and of course, the final scene in the whole unholy drama: the killing act itself.

The vegan recognizes the impossibility of separating the cruelty and killing from the business of keeping animals, or obtaining animal products on a sound and profitable basis in a modern competitive society. Thus the vegan resolves to ‘root out the whole forest’ of cruelty and suffering, not merely chop down a single tree!”

Image courtesy of Nicholas Tarling / FreeDigitalPhotos.net