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The Incredible, Edible Vegg!

The Incredible, Edible Vegg! post image

We’re always excited about new developments in the vegan culinary world, so we were super-curious when we heard about “The Vegg.” This vegan company created a splash in the vegan blogosphere when its creator explained that the powdered egg replacer could be used to recreate the taste and texture of an actual egg yolk.


Now, we’ve used egg replacers in baking for years, but they only really imitate the egg white. This can be tremendously helpful for creating a binding and leavening effect, but they don’t imitate real eggs.

As far as the taste of eggs goes, the very best thing we’ve found is Kala Namak black salt. This handy ingredient can be found at natural food stores, and when added to a tofu eggless salad, tofu omelette, or even just a plain avocado, it can almost make these things taste like eggs.

So we weren’t surprised to find out that Kala Namak is a key ingredient in The Vegg, which is described as “the first vegan egg yolk alternative… Just blend the contents of the Vegg packet with water and you’ll have a creamy yolk substitute that looks, smells, tastes and has the texture of egg yolk!”

Over the past few years, vegan food bloggers and vloggers have had the chance to benefit from the company’s efforts to promote this pioneering new product, and the vegan internet now has multiple tutorials showing just how close The Vegg comes to real eggs.

Its most remarkable function seems to be its ability to ‘spherify‘ in a calcium chloride solution, to make an actual vegan egg yolk:

via www.meshell.ca


It’s easy to imagine the possibilities, and there are a number of bloggers who have tried their hands at marrying this magical vegan yolk with seasoned tofu to make vegan fried or poached eggs, or (for a quicker, easier version) simply pouring the blended Vegg over fried, seasoned tofu to imitate a pierced yolk:

via www.luminousvegans.com

We did our first experiment with vegan crêpes (see photo below) and potato latkes, as well as French Toast (photo above). We’ve been adding it to many baked goods for extra flavor, and are also excited to try it out as an ingredient in a tofu scramble, and maybe even as an egg wash on our next experiment with pastry.


There are a myriad of Vegg recipes on the company’s website, and in the recipe book that they sent us along with our samples:

“The possibilities are endless with the Vegg – you can now make perfect vegan French toast, vegan “egg” nog, frittatas, custards, cakes, and even Hollandaise sauce! Whatever you can imagine, the Vegg will help you create awesome dishes every time.”

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