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Taiwan Opens First Vegan Supermarket!

Taiwan Opens First Vegan Supermarket! post image

If you happen to find yourself in Taipei, make sure to stop by iVegan, Taiwan’s first all vegan supermarket! iVegan opened in Taipei this August.  According to Vegan Taiwan, the supermarket is complete with “fresh fruit and veggies, packaged goods, frozen foods, fresh baking, cleaning and body care products* and even housewares.” iVegan comes complete with an organic section and a small selection of alternatives to dairy products. And it’s all 100% free from animal ingredients!

I was expecting a small grocery store, but found a large, busy supermarket. – Vegan Taiwan

To see pictures of the supermarket visit the original post here. I think you’ll be surprised by the both the size of the store and selection of fresh fruit, veggies and vegan products they carry.

If you’re stopping at iVegan, Vegan Taiwan notes that there is also a vegan bar and restaurant in the area named About Animals.

“About Animals is clearly run by animal rights activists, and according to its Happycow listing it also serves as a space for activist photography and events. It is probably the place to go to meet animal rights activists in Taipei,” says Vegan Taiwan.

The vegan movement is indeed growing! From Taiwan to Berlin, Israel to New Zealand: Who knows when and where the next vegan hotspot will open?

If you’re looking for other vegan spots in Taiwan – check out this bakery, buffet and more on Vegan Taiwan.

*”All products sold at iVegan are strictly vegan, so far as they dont contain any animal ingredients. However the store takes a pragmatic line on animal testing, since many customers off the street will expect to be able to buy conventional cleaners (at conventional prices) and its difficult to find out about animal testing, especially of third-party ingredients (which most cleaners are made from) and for locally-produced products. IVegan avoids products from the big companies with the worst reputations (Unilever, Proctor & Gamble etc) and of course they support non animal-tested products as much as possible, but they do sell products from local suppliers as long as they dont contain animal ingredients. The store aims to improve its animal testing policy in the future, and welcomes suggestions on how it can achieve this… – Vegan Taiwan

Post photo from Vegan Taiwans original blog.

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