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An Open Letter to the Leaders of the Progressive Movement

An Open Letter to the Leaders of the Progressive Movement post image

Dear friends of truth and freedom, If the value of people was measured by how much they cared about other people, you would be among the top 1%.  Not only because you respect the rights of others, which in most places on this earth, would be remarkable in and of itself, but also because you advocate [...]

The Conscience: Our Guide to a Truly New Year

The Conscience: Our Guide to a Truly New Year post image

Living in a world of endless information, we are too often distracted from the steady stream of guidance coming to us from within. Even when faced with life-altering or affirming decisions, the voice of our most trustworthy advisor in our struggle for safety and sanity is many times drowned out by the constant demands of a multitude of louder voices. The result is [...]

The True Nature of Human Beings

The True Nature of Human Beings post image

When most people think of nature, their minds fill with soft, clean, green images such as those of a pristine river flowing through a meadow or a lush forest full with life. Our instinctual response to hearing this term is to think of the beautiful, peaceful and vibrant side of nature; to visualize spaces that [...]

A Newer Age

A Newer Age post image

The vegan evolution will inspire a heightened spiritual awareness, purify the body, and make possible personal and planetary healing unprecedented in human history.

Just This One…

Just This One… post image

The New Year is unlike other holidays, as it is not limited to those who belong to one religion or nation, but is a celebration we can all relate to: the ending of the old and the beginning of the new.

Occupy Humanity

Occupy Humanity post image

As we, the people, occupy cities and institutions all over the world to protest injustice, it may be a good time to ask ourselves if we are in any way perpetrating the very injustices we are opposing.

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

An Idea Whose Time Has Come post image

There is no force powerful enough to stem the tide of an idea whose time has come. We can no longer, in good conscience or in good health, continue to exploit animals for food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation or for any other reason. The vegan concept is not a fad that will pass with time. It [...]

An Irrefutable Truth

man kissing wild deer

"What a boost to my self-esteem to discover that I knew something that was absolutely right; something that no one, no matter their station in life, could convince me was wrong."

The Vegan Evolution: A New Era for Humanity

The vegan ideal embodies the highest of ethical aspirations – non-violence, justice and compassion toward the innocent. Yet this deep and powerful value system continues to be marginalized by society. The example set by those who embrace these principles is too often vehemently opposed, trivialized or simply ignored. But the effects of this paradigm shift in perception are far-reaching, and the rewards beyond measure.