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Re-Purposing: Portable Shade Structures

Re-Purposing: Portable Shade Structures post image

In Gentle World we believe in not only “Reducing, Reusing and Recycling” but also Re-purposing! (often called Up-Cycling) We practice and teach modern environmentalism, in part by reclaiming items that may have been headed to the dump or recycling center (remember: although recycling is very important, it still takes energy and other resources - keep [...]

Creative Ecology 101: The Stroller-Barrow

Creative Ecology 101: The Stroller-Barrow post image

You may be curious about the interesting contraption featured in this photograph. Sky, another long time member of Gentle World, has a passion for re-using (up-cycling) materials that he finds at the transfer station or that have been gifted to our organization. This is a magical way to give secondhand items a chance for a new [...]

People Like You

People Like You post image

The Southern Hemisphere summer is over. It’s the time of year when Gentle World’s volunteers return from Shangri-La, our New Zealand location, back to Hawaii. It’s hard to believe that only one week ago, I was admiring the natural beauty in New Zealand, but I knew then that in a matter of days, I would be [...]

Letters from our Visitors

Letters from our Visitors post image

from Jesse Seiden, United States: For me, visiting Gentle World was the beginning of my journey, but I was so impacted by the peaceful sanctuary and the amazing people who live in it, that I decided to come back to end my time in New Zealand there. My intention upon arrival was to learn about [...]

Gentle World at the 2012 Kohala Country Fair

Gentle World at the 2012 Kohala Country Fair post image

The Kohala Country Fair this year was filled with local craft and gift vendors, food, music and games for all. With a record number of 50+ food booths ready to feed the crowd, among them was our Incredibly Delicious Vegan Food booth making its 9th appearance at the fair! We were grateful once again to [...]

Phoenix Rising: A Second Chance

Phoenix Rising: A Second Chance post image

A few weeks ago, we received a phone call from a concerned friend who had found a baby bird, struggling to survive after falling from the nest. This tiny (but feisty) little fighter was covered with ants and just beginning to get her feathers...

A Gentle World in my Heart

A Gentle World in my Heart post image

Aloha Lovely Gentle Worlders... You were all so wonderful and my time at the farm was great. I LOVE my new cookbook and share it with anyone who is interested. I am happily cooking for hostels everywhere with the great recipes...

A Vegan Celebration for Earth Day!

A Vegan Celebration for Earth Day! post image

Earlier this month, Gentle World volunteers participated in a local Earth Day celebration, which brought the magic of plant-based healing to hundreds of people... What were we doing there? Serving food, of course!

Kohala Fair 2011 – Bigger than Ever!

Kohala Fair 2011 – Bigger than Ever! post image

At the beginning of this month, a bustling group of Kohala Country Fair-Goers learned why mealtime is our favorite time at Gentle World! This annual event always attracts thousands of attendees, but a change of venue made the Country Fair even busier this year, causing an ongoing line of hungry diners to express their appreciation [...]

Veganizing the World, One Incredibly Delicious Meal at a Time post image

Every year, in the beginning of October, Gentle World volunteers set up a 'vegan restaurant for a day', smack in the middle of a fairly typical Country Fair, an event where almost every other booth serves 'Standard American Fair Food'. This event gives us an excellent opportunity to serve delicious food to hundreds of people, many of whom are unfamiliar with vegan food and the philosophy behind the practice of veganism.