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The Magic of Frozen Bananas post image

For an instant energy boost that is long lasting, yet light on the digestion, frozen bananas are fantastic for smoothies, snacks and even raw vegan desserts.

Dear Gentle World,

At this time one year ago, Lilly and I were sitting in Auckland anxiously awaiting our visit to Gentle World, not knowing what to expect. Veganism was a far-off thing that, quite frankly, didn’t seem like a realistic thing to do. Now, one year later, we are still Vegan-American and proudly so. It has changed the course of our lives dramatically.

Sharing the Joy of Vegan Cooking post image

On Saturday, March 12th, Gentle World volunteers hosted a free vegan cooking class at our favorite NZ venue: The Herb Shack. With 22 attendees who showed lots of interest in the vegan culinary techniques, the day was a fantastic success, as well as a whole lot of fun! As well as demonstrating a number of […] Read more

Cinnamon Rolls & Pastries

Cinnamon Rolls & Pastries post image

For a very special birthday, a fancy dinner, or just for the fun of it, these three recipes will impress your guests and make you wish you could eat them every day!

Creamy Dessert Beverages

Creamy Dessert Beverages post image

Some of us are always grateful to learn new recipes that can help us stay warm from the inside. Of course, soups and broths are a great way to take off the winter chill, but what about after dinner? On the following pages, you’ll find a collection of recipes that are great on their own or as a complement to your favorite vegan dessert.

Banana Bread & Other Dessert Breads post image

Along with the banana bread, we’ve included three other tried-and-true sweet bread recipes, perfect for the holiday season. Testing them out well in advance will give you plenty of time to make sure you’re confident before serving them to friends and family… Well, that’s a good excuse anyway!

Veganizing Your Favorite Baked Goods post image

For some, it’s preferable to satisfy one’s sweet tooth with a treat made from more wholesome ingredients (such as organic oils, whole-grain flour and unrefined sweetener). As an added bonus, home-made vegan baked goods allow you to enjoy a healthy sweet treat, while not being concerned about the ecological implications of pre-packaged ‘convenience’ foods.

“Whipped Dream”

“Whipped Dream” post image

Now that ready-made vegan whipped cream is available in many health food stores, it’s not really necessary to make your own… But if you prefer the home-made approach, this recipe works well and is absolutely delicious.

Creamy Soy Yogurt

Creamy Soy Yogurt post image

Here’s a simple recipe to make your own dairy-free yogurt… It’s delicious served over a fresh fruit salad (especially with summer fruit), or you might choose to blend your favorite fruit right in, and make your own peach, strawberry or blueberry yogurt…

Raw Blueberry Cream Pie post image

Raw desserts are a great way to get a ‘treat fix’, because they are made from whole foods only, and are usually sweetened with fresh or dried fruit. This raw pie is made with a nut-based crust (gluten-free), and the ‘cream filling’ is made with banana. Delicious and super-healthy at the same time. Plus, as long as you own a food processor, this recipe is pretty quick and easy to make.