Harvest Time in Shangri-La

by Gentle World on February 27, 2011

Here in Gentle World, we sometimes forget that many people don’t have the luxury of enjoying home-grown vegetables, let alone delicious veganically-grown fruit… But in Shangri-La, thanks to the hard work of our team of dedicated volunteers and expert gardener Magic Rees, we eat a banquet made from wholesome veganic produce every single night… Not to mention our delicious  smoothies in the mornings, and fresh, juicy fruits during the heat of the day.

As the above picture clearly shows, we haven’t had any problem generating bumper harvests with our veganic methods. Not only are we enjoying an abundance of fresh greens and different veggies, we’ve also been enjoying delicious veganic fruits such as our very own plums, pears, apples, blueberries, avocados, and mandarin oranges.

One of the first things Magic did after arriving in Shangri-La was to till in the cover crops that he planted as green manure in the autumn, to grow over the winter months. As well as helping to control weeds and protect the soil from the elements, some green manures fix nitrogen into the soil while they’re growing. When they’re dug in to the garden, they add more nitrogen, organic matter, and minerals.

When preparing the four garden patches, he added compost to the soil when planting the new seedlings. Some of the seeds (such as carrots and beets) were planted directly into the gardens.

In less than a month, we had an amazing selection of beautiful greens, and now (three months later) all the gardens are producing fully. Almost all of the produce we are eating comes straight from the gardens, and most of it is picked fresh daily. (Carrots, beets, cucumbers, potatoes and squashes can be picked ahead of time as they hold up well in cool storage.)

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