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Visiting Gentle World

Throughout the decades, we have welcomed the assistance of those who are inspired by our vision. People from all over the world are invited to learn alongside us as we work together toward achieving our goal of a more ecological, collaborative, self-sufficient lifestyle, with respect for the natural world, other animals, and one another.

Our year-round headquarters is in North Kohala on The Big Island of Hawaii; a beautiful area, with clean air and lovely surrounding countryside. We have a large vegan-organic garden with which we demonstrate how easy it is to grow food without the use of chemicals or any animal by-products. This location is our headquarters, from which we share our message with the world. We also own 454 acres of magnificent New Zealand countryside that we call Shangri-La; a private valley, with two pristine rivers. Here we welcome volunteers each summer season (from November-May) to help lift Shangri-La up to its name, which includes the planting and maintenance of hundreds of fruit trees, flower gardens and vegetable patches, all grown veganically.

Gentle World is not a business or a working farm, but a team of dedicated volunteers who work cooperatively to accomplish the goals of the organization. Our gardens, rather than being for profit, are used to demonstrate the principles of veganic growing, and to feed the member-volunteers and visitors.

We ask that all visitors who come to help us be prepared to exercise their personal integrity and work ethic during their stay. Because volunteer duties do not always follow specific hours, and our needs change every day, helpers are asked to participate in a variety of tasks, including garden maintenance, landscaping, general yard work, painting, carpentry, food preparation, cleaning and organizing storage sheds. We understand that different tasks suit different people and always do our best to take that into consideration.

Gentle World does not charge money for our educational program, but we welcome donations from guests and volunteers to help with the rising cost of organic food and basic necessities (such as food, gas, water, electricity, internet, etc.). Making a donation is not a requirement for visiting however, and no matter what a person’s situation is, we welcome all applications for visiting Gentle World and all inquiries into the programs we provide.

Please be aware that our New Zealand center is open only during the summer months, and is closed to visitors from the end of April until the beginning of November.

If you are interested in visiting either of the Gentle World locations, please contact us using the form below, with as much detail as possible. We respond to all inquiries, so if you don’t hear back from us within one week, please contact us again, in case your message didn’t reach us.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Note: We invite all new applicants to participate in our one-week program only, as we have limited accommodations and try to arrange for all interested applicants to experience Gentle World. Those who have completed the initial program are welcome to apply for a position as a long-term volunteer, for which we offer placements of up to six months. 

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