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Garden Therapy

In the midst of all the chaos in the world, growing one’s own garden has perhaps become more of an act of self-preservation than ever before.

Here in Gentle World, our vibrant veganic gardens continue to bring comfort to mind and heart, as well as inspiration to those who visit Gentle World with the aim of learning how to provide for oneself when the system that supplies our food seems less and less reliable.

In Upstate New York, where two long-time Gentle World volunteers are homesteading, Flowers and Justice Fields are beautifully demonstrating just how inspiring a veganic garden can be!

And in New Zealand, Gentle World’s head grower Magic Rees stayed behind for the winter season to shelter in place and keep the home fires burning until Shangri-La opens up again, and (in true Magic fashion) he’s been using the time to make all sorts of improvements around the property.

As well as planting up the brand new garden bed he recently developed with help from our partner organization Te Whare Rongoa, he’s also been making use of this rare opportunity to focus on winter tasks, such as planting out dozens of new fruit trees. This expansion of Shangri-La’s veganic growing will help us to provide even more farm-fresh veganic produce to our future guests and volunteers, as well as those participating in Te Whare Rongoa’s plant-based nutrition counseling program, which (as an essential service) has stayed open and active even throughout New Zealand’s periods of lockdown.

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