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Part of a Larger Picture

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A letter from one of our readers…

“I had always felt like non-human rights were intrinsically tied up with the fight for human rights and everything else. As a feminist I am often appalled at how blatantly exploitative and degrading this world has become for anything feminine in nature. With your eye-opening look into the dairy industry and everything it includes, it is too obvious that it is not just an attack on feminine humans that we are dealing with, but the feminine itself in every way conceivable.

I am very happy for this eye-opener because I really needed it, and because it shows that everything we deal with really is part of a larger picture. Injustice is injustice, and there are no excuses or validations that can be made for that. We often think of animals as dumb and as ‘less’ than us because they don’t show life the way we think they should. Yet I wonder how any being is supposed to show ‘life’ when that life is being relentlessly attacked and drained out of them? Also, even when those obvious examples of life are shown (which in reality never go away and are always present, we are just trained to ignore them) we do in fact ignore them completely and act like we didn’t just see proof of the divine intelligence in another form.

So in some way this has been a really empowering discovery for me. In reality this is a feminine earth we are gifted with life through, and we don’t respect her. We act like any femininity is an invitation for exploitation, abuse and disrespect. We forget that the feminine and masculine as part of the divine principles are here for themselves, to enjoy their own lives and be self-sovereign.

Oh and its worth saying that I will now be going vegan. I have been a vegetarian for years, but seeing the appalling and gruesome system that beings go through, I am going to be giving up animal ‘products’ for ever.”

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