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Our August Visitors

I cannot begin to describe how much I have learned and experienced the past week. I am absolutely grateful that life brought me here, even if it was for a fleeting period. I arrived here as someone curious about veganism, but I leave as an individual enlightened, and committed to a kinder, gentler, loving way of life that is veganism.

What you all have here is amazing in every way. Thank you, thank you, thank you for welcoming me with open arms.

Much love,



Thank you for helping me relearn my lesson of resolve around a broad circle of compassion. Seeing in you such an absence of darkness gives me hope in a better world that does not condone violence of any kind. This place has allowed me to step back and question my goals and attitude towards life. I have the deepest gratitude and will be proud of my values leaving here.

Boundless love,



I feel that the growth I have achieved while being here is probably some of the most rapid and profound of my life. What you do, and have been doing for so long, is such a worthy quest. I applaud you for dedicating your lives to such an important cause. It’s a beautiful thing and has only made my vegan morals stronger and my opinions more unshakable. You are an inspiration to many and I hope I can do my part to promote, unveil and educate in all the ways I can.

This experience has touched me more than you know.

Masses of love,



How can I begin to express my gratitude for showing me the way? In the 11 days I’ve been here, I’ve grown tremendously. You all inspire me to follow the truth and I can see the effect you have on everyone who comes through. I thank you with every bit of my heart for leading the way.

With gratitude,



Thank you for opening your home, and your hearts, to share the truth about the veganic lifestyle, which is as holistic as it gets. Gentle World will forever be a source of constant inspiration and fond memories. I loved every enlightening conversation, the delightful ‘garden-to-table’ food, and the best hugs in the world. Keep being a beacon of hope, a light for the new paradigm by living the truth.

Love always,



You all have really carved out something beautiful here in North Kohala, Hawaii. Gentle World is a living, breathing and  growing example of peaceful activism. I’m so grateful I was able to spend some time here to see everything in beautiful motion. Thank you for taking such good care of me!

With gratitude,



Thank you all so much for opening my eyes to what is really going on in the farming industry. My heart aches for the animals and I promise to continue growing in my journey of veganism. Though you all have such good information on why to go vegan, I’ve also done research since returning. The continual growth and research has definitely kept me on the straight path. You all are so wonderful.



Gentle World Family!

Over the course of the last two weeks that I’ve been home since returning from Gentle World… my life has been flipped upside down, and I freaking love it!! You all opened my eyes so much and I feel like I’ve never seen the world more clearly. I feel like I’m in the beginning stages of finding my true self and seeking my own definition of the world.

The few leather purses and boots that I once owned have now been cleared from my closet — a sort of putting them to rest. I have also made friends here around campus who are further in their journey but are willing to help me with mine and share that same love and passion.

I knew that somewhere deep inside of me that spark was there… I just needed you all to help me light it.

Mahalo & much love,