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New Friends…

Gentle World Family,

Though our time here was brief, we are grateful for the exposure to the truth about animal exploitation. You gave us a strong definition of veganism. Thank you all so much for hosting us and teaching us about your way of life. Our time here was short, but we learned a lot, and everyone has helped us get on our way to leading a new, more humane life. We loved our time here. 

~ Savannah & Jazz


Dear Gentle World,

Thank you for the opportunity to come here and become sane.

I never realized the consequences of my actions or the selfishness of my being until I came here, watched these videos and became a part of your world.

Thank you for opening up your lives to me, and for giving me the opportunity to learn about this incredible way of living. The way you work together, live together, communicate and love one another have given me examples I can now use as I set out to try and gentlize the world around me, wherever that may be.

~ Dawn


How do I put into words the things I learned and felt this week? I’m eternally grateful for the time and love shared with me during my stay. 

Go vegan!

~ Kaelyn


Thank you for an amazing, eye-opening experience. You are wonderful people. 

~ Anton

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