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My 40th Birthday Wish

Over the years, it has been built with the help of many formidable minds and hearts, each bringing unique strengths and gifts to the project, and each helping our site to be an example of the magic of collaboration and synergy.

In addition to those we mentioned in our anniversary announcement, there have been countless other guest contributors who have added value in the form of quality cornerstone content, including Laura Schults, Michael Chatham, and the wonderful Christine Wells, who marries her staunch veganism with such respect for the English language that her contributions left me almost irrelevant as an editor.

Most recently, our new friend Carolyn Harris graced our front page with the inspiring and uplifting essay Yes, Being Vegan Does Make a Difference. We hope to to share more from Carolyn in the future.

And of course, the writings of Light and Sun (Gentle World’s co-founders) aim “to set others climbing” by (to paraphrase Light himself) “speaking not of the ascent, but of the view from the summit.” They remain treasures buried within the many pages of this site, and I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to provide a platform from which their unique perspectives can be shared with a world that is a better place for their contributions to it.

This $10,000 matching pledge represents a chance for outreach opportunities that have previously been closed to us, and seeing the challenge reached would be the perfect way to celebrate not only my 40th, but also the decade I have spent tending to this labor of love, and nurturing our hopes for its future.