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More Warming Soups for Cool Weather

More Warming Soups for Cool Weather post image

Coconut Curry Soup
serves 5–6

5 cloves garlic
2 Tbsp. oil
2 Tbsp. tamari
1–2 large onions, sliced
2 cups carrots, sliced
3 cups potatoes, cubed
1 (14 oz.) can coconut milk
2 Tbsp. cashew butter
1 Tbsp. curry
1 tsp. onion powder
1 tsp. garlic powder
2 Tbsp. (additional) tamari
2 tsp. herb salt such as Herbamare
1 cup broccoli, cauliflower (or any vegetables in bite-sized pieces)

1. In a blender, blend the garlic with oil and two tablespoons of tamari. Pour into a large soup pot and sauté the onions in this garlic oil. When onions soften, add the carrots and potatoes with half a cup of water. Cover and simmer.
2. When softened, remove one cup of the vegetables and blend with two cups of water and the coconut milk. Pour this back into the pot.
3. Remove another cup of cooked veggies and blend with two more cups of water, cashew butter, curry and remaining seasonings. Pour this blended mixture back into the soup pot.
4. At this point, add some cauliflower and broccoli, or other vegetables. Cook until these vegetables are soft. Do not boil.

These recipes have been reproduced from Incredibly Delicious: Recipes for a New Paradigm, which includes all sorts of tips to help make the transition to veganism easy and delicious.

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