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Living Food – Going Beyond Salads

Many people are discovering the health benefits of eating more live foods. Live, organic plant foods are packed with valuable nutrients and contain all their own enzymes to break themselves down, providing more energy with less digestive effort.

Some report that adopting a 100 percent raw food vegan diet for either the short or long-term helps the body to recover from severe illness as well as more minor health problems such as allergies.

Even for those of us who continue to eat cooked foods, it is wise to eat plenty of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, as a healthy foundation for optimum health.

But eating more raw food does not mean you have to sacrifice variety and taste. In fact, if you are endeavoring to eliminate cooked foods, it can help to have some exciting raw dishes to help you maintain your enthusiasm. If you’re serious about ‘going raw’, it’s a good idea to invest in some new kitchen equipment, such as a Champion juicer, dehydrator (great for making live ‘breads’ and crackers) and even a Vita-Mix if you want to adopt a green smoothie regimen (an excellent idea even if you eat cooked foods).

Caution: The following recipes are not necessarily aimed at those who are seeking simplicity, as they are designed to show you how beautiful and interesting raw food can be.