Gentle World is a non-profit organization,

providing vegan education since 1979.

With visitor centers in Hawaii and New Zealand,
we offer a unique educational experience
which inspires people from all over the world
to transition toward vegan living.

Gentle World is also a 40-year intentional community, in which
every man, woman, child and nonhuman animal in residence,
is a vegan.

To us, being vegan means
extending The Golden Rule to include all animals.

We hope to inspire others to understand the vegan ideal
so that we may create a more peaceful world together
not in some distant tomorrow
when the lion lies down with the lamb…
But today, when we do.

Gentle World is staffed exclusively by volunteers, and we always welcome assistance from individuals who are enthusiastic to contribute to our mission. If you are interested in volunteering your time to help support our educational program, please contact us.