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Florida Vegan Event a Huge Success!

Florida Vegan Event a Huge Success! post image

On September 8th, Gentle World sponsored “It’s Easy to be Vegan!” – a free vegan educational day in South Florida that attracted over 200 people. This vegan extravaganza was facilitated by M. Butterflies Katz, along with a fantastic team of vegan volunteers whose collective effort created a hugely successful event.

“It’s Easy to be Vegan” was so popular that the venue was filled to capacity. Volunteers sadly had to turn away many disappointed people, some of whom decided to make the most of the opportunity anyway, by signing up for our mailing list and even the mentoring program associated with the event.

Those fortunate enough to be able to attend not only experienced an enlightening presentation about how easy it is to be vegan, they also had the opportunity to try out and take home samples of numerous vegan products, not to mention receiving tips and encouragement from a team of enthusiastic vegans.

And to top if all off, a beautiful complimentary luncheon was served, complete with vegan cupcakes, Purely Decadent frozen desserts, Alternative Baking Company cookies, and other delicious treats!

Congratulations to the talented team of volunteers. Your hard work certainly paid off!

Special thanks to Starlite Studio for providing beautiful photographs of the event: www.facebook.com/StarliteStudioPhoto



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