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DEVA Nutrition – Vegan Supplements

DEVA Nutrition – Vegan Supplements post image

Gentle World wishes to acknowledge DEVA™  Nutrition for their kind support of our upcoming vegan event and our year-round educational program.

Many vegans are likely very aware of the existence of DEVA, as they offer some of the most affordable vegan supplements on the market. But for those who aren’t already familiar with their range, we encourage you to take a look, as they distribute a wide selection of vegan herbal remedies and supplements including Vegan Glucosamine, Omega-3 DHA-EPA and other nutritional plant oils, as well as B12, Vitamin D, and a range of vegan multivitamins including one for prenatal support.

Not only are all products 100% vegan and certified by the Vegan Society, DEVA Nutrition offers sponsorship to organizations working for veganism and environmental protection. They also embrace the importance of other sustainable, socially just principles, including the support of sweatshop-free labor, organic farms, and fair trade ingredients.

“Health conscious consumers around the world, whether they are vegan or not, seek our products for their quality, effectiveness and affordability.” – www.devanutrition.com