February 5, 2016 ethics
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by Mimi Yoshiyama … In December of 2015, on a very sunny spring day, I arrived at this hidden valley in the far north of New Zealand. My first week in Gentle World passed by so quickly, as I helped with weeding, cooking, cleaning, renovating a caravan, and preparing amazing, soulful veganic dinners every night. After my first […]

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What Kind of God?

December 3, 2015 ethics
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Gentle World’s Hawaii center is situated in an area where suburban living meets the farm. Along the street where we walk for our evening sunset, we pass goats, hens, roosters, horses, and even cows. These animals may seem happy enough, as their lives are far from the horrors of industrialized production. But, just like their […]

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If We Were They

November 12, 2015 ethics
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Of the more than seven billion people who are alive on this earth as I write, not one, as far as any of us knows, asked to be born. To the best of our recollection, each of us arrived in this crazy world not by our own choice, but either by someone else’s choosing or by chance. None […]

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My Way Home

November 12, 2015 ethics
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Anke Hagen, Hanover, North Germany I grew up in South Africa and experienced a number of transformative, life-changing events at an early receptive age, like trying to bargain with a female witch doctor who worked for my parents when she wanted to slaughter some chickens in our garden, whom she had “procured” for her magic. […]

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Vegan: Easier Than You Think

October 8, 2015 ethics
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Living as a vegan, especially for those of us in the developed world, is much, much easier than it is commonly perceived to be. During the past several years, the call to reduce our consumption of animal products has grown tremendously. Vegan recipe blogs have proliferated into the hundreds, if not thousands. Both the number and […]

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Not a Second to Lose

September 19, 2015 ethics
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Carol Williams, United Kingdom I was raised to eat animals, just like most children in our society. I spent 58 years condemning sentient beings to lives of ruthless exploitation that would end in brutal death. For a few years I was vegetarian and then lapsed back into my old habits. I have no excuses for […]

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She Looked Into My Eyes and Pleaded For Mercy

August 27, 2015 ethics
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The sun had just risen as we took our morning walk, before starting our day in the garden. With rolling hills forming the backdrop to a beautiful summer day, we walked through the quiet countryside of the Big Island of Hawaii, eventually finding ourselves on a cul-de-sac with guavas dangling from the trees. We had just […]

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I Knew Something Wasn’t Right

August 24, 2015 ethics
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Tim Oseckas, Melbourne, Australia For 25 years I had been living my life like most other people in my culture and society, consuming the flesh from other animals, their milk, their eggs, their honey, wearing their skin, wearing hair taken from their bodies, using products tested on their bodies, and didn’t really reflect on the […]

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Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?

August 6, 2015 ethics
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I was 15 years old when my father and I moved in with my auntie, uncle and three cousins. We lived in a nice home rented to us by the owners of a poultry farm in Australia, and the house happened to be built along side the farm itself. My auntie, uncle and even my […]

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Pushing Through to Freedom

July 31, 2015 ethics
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Susan Cho, Chicago, USA I will always be vegan: Because of the bear trapped in a tiny cage, continuously drained of the bile so prized by humans. The elephant whose family was shot so she could be used in a circus. The lobster who had been guarding her children when she was trapped and boiled […]

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A Hunter’s Poem

July 29, 2015 ethics
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… written by Lemuel T. Ward … A hunter shot at a flock of geese That flew within his reach, Two were stopped in their rapid flight And fell on the sandy beach. The male bird lay at the water’s edge And just before he died, He faintly called to his wounded mate And she […]

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