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WANTED: 2018 Caretakers for Vegan Sanctuary in the Far North

WANTED: 2018 Caretakers for Vegan Sanctuary in the Far North post image

Gentle World is seeking one or more vegans to watch over our New Zealand home for around 5 months in 2018 (end of May through October). This time period can be divided into shorter shifts, if necessary, and shared between more than one person.

Requirements: vegan, clean and tidy, responsible and reliable, able to handle solitude and secluded country living.

Shangri-La is a vegan educational center and sanctuary 22 km south of the town of Kaitaia, in Northland. The property is surrounded by 9000 acres of forest reserve and has the headwaters to the Victoria River.

Rent is FREE, and the house is solar-powered, but you would be required to pay for your own food and expenses. There are two wood-burning stoves and a supply of firewood, as well as a modern, LPG-fueled stove/oven.

We have a clean and tidy composting toilet, and spring water to the house. There may be vegan-organic greens and/or herbs in the garden.

The property is conveniently located off State Highway 1, but is completely secluded in a large valley at the bottom of a long driveway. You will need your own car that can handle a well-maintained but steep gravel driveway. All wheel drive is best, but most cars can handle it.

* Contact us here for more details.