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(UPDATED) Body Butter So Pure You Could Eat It!

(UPDATED) Body Butter So Pure You Could Eat It! post image

“We believe you should feed your skin the most pure and nutritional ingredients on the planet. That’s why we created Butter.”

– Kelly Winterhalter, Founder


Update: Our friends at Ellovi have recently added new ‘flavors’ to their line: Key Lime and Chocolate Mint! Mmmmm…

Ellovi is a vegan-owned and operated company “born to disrupt a beauty industry ruled by products laden with artificial ingredients and cheap fillers.”

Sounds like a worthy goal.

Called simply “Butter,” and handmade in small batches, Ellovi’s first product is “a raw body butter made from only six pure ingredients grown naturally around the world. What’s really special about Butter is that we don’t add water. That means it’s highly concentrated, can’t evaporate like other moisturizers, and we don’t need preservatives.”

As explained on their website, Butter is a refreshing alternative to traditional moisturizers, that are generally filled with not only animal products, but also with unnecessary chemicals, including parabens, which can be absorbed through the skin.

Fragrance-free, and made from only a handful of healthy ingredients, Butter combines macadamia, coconut, marula nut, hemp seed and shea butter (foods which have been used throughout history to heal and revitalize the skin) into a deeply hydrating formula that actually provides sun protection at the same time as (so they say) reducing fine lines.

“Butter soaks in deep and moisturizes your skin better from the inside out. Even after washing your hands or bathing, Butter will keep your skin intensely hydrated and nourished for days.”

Sounds like a winning recipe!


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