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Attention New Zealand Readers…

Attention New Zealand Readers… post image

Gentle World is seeking responsible, loving homes for four beautiful puppies who were born in our New Zealand center. Their mother came into our lives already pregnant with eight pups, and we have been caring for her and the babies throughout the pregnancy, birth and weaning.

Now our center is closed for the winter and the last of our volunteers needs to return to the US. Four of the eight puppies have already found their permanent homes, but there are still four remaining. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Linda Nunn of Animal Re-homing NZ, who has arranged to foster and re-home the puppies as part of her animal rescue operation in Auckland. Here is an excerpt of her ad:

“Bella (the puppies’ mother) has the sweetest temperament and is primarily Labrador with perhaps a hint of Pointer. The father of the puppies is unknown, but suggestions have included Bull Mastiff, German Shepherd, Border Collie, Staffy, Boxer and Huntaway. Whatever their paternity, these cute and lively pups are now ready for adoption at 8 weeks of age.

There are two females who have predominantly tan colouring and one female with predominantly black colouring. One of the little boys has an auburn tint while the other two males are predominantly black.

Like all the dogs in our personal care, Bella has thrived on a vegan diet throughout her pregnancy, birth and weaning of her pups. The puppies have equally taken to being raised as vegans and it would be lovely if this diet could continue throughout their lives. Vegan feeding instructions will be given to successful applicants who are willing to continue with it.

Please spread the word of these pups among your friends, families and associates. Applicants should include some background about themselves, their property and the lifestyle they would provide while the puppy is small and when he/she becomes an adult dog. Fostering applications are also welcome. Thank you very much.”

NB: Gentle Worlders feel strongly about the need to spay and neuter all domesticated animals… As adorable as they are, these eight pups need never have been brought into a world where millions of animals are killed every year, for no other reason than the fact that they have no one to care for them. If you, or someone you know, is able to offer a safe home to an animal companion, please adopt from a shelter, and make sure your new friend gets de-sexed.

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