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A Vegan Evening in Kaitaia, NZ

Gentle World is continuing our summer education program in New Zealand’s Far North, collaborating once again with Te Whare Rongoā for our first event at the Te Ahu cinema in Kaitaia.

The evening was a big success, and we have already received a number of inquiries from individuals expressing interest in a follow-up cooking class, which we are looking forward to offering at The Herb Shack in town.

Vegan physician Pete DeWolfe made another inspired appearance, endorsing the many health benefits of a plant-based diet, while our own Flowers Fields spoke about the importance of veganism as an ethical stand.

It really is hard to overstate how astonishing it is for us to witness the transformation taking place in New Zealand, as a new understanding and appreciation of veganism begins to spread around the country.

After 20 years of playing our part in planting the seeds of awareness, it is heartwarming for us to feel such a warm reception within the Far North community, both toward our efforts, and toward the vegan message itself.

Anah VanDorp from Te Whare Rongoā
offering a traditional Maori welcome

Event organizer Flowers Fields
talking veganism with an attendee

Kaitaia’s own vegan physician, Dr. Peter DeWolfe

One attendee shared the following feedback:

I so enjoyed myself at the gathering. I feel like I’ve found part of my tribe in NZ. It was such a great idea to share these products with us. Looking forward to future gatherings. Thank you!

We look forward to providing more vegan information and inspiration at Te Ahu, and we encourage everyone to bring along friends and whānau, to sample some incredibly delicious vegan food, as well as food for thought.

Once again, we wish to extend our sincere thanks to the following generous sponsors, who have not only helped our summer events to be successful with samples of their incredible products, but who are also providing quality vegan options for the people of New Zealand:

Real Foods Corn Thins
Health Discovery crackers
Angel Food cheeses, cream cheeses and cheese sauce Zenzo cheese
Tonzu organic sausages
Little Island Creamery coconut ice-cream
Sanitarium So Good assorted plant milks
Ceres Organics raw whole foods bars
Dovedale & Organic Breadman bread and crackers
Antipodes Skincare
Norton Road Organics juices (made from organically-grown fruit sourced from New Zealand farms)



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