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A New Awareness

Salwa Maddad, Al-Sweida, As-Suwayda, Syria

In 2010, a new awareness arose within me and guided me to be vegan. I am fully aware that a person’s actions and behavior can change the people around them. My daughters and 25 of my friends became vegan at that time. Now there are more than 100 persons that are vegan, just in my region. My granddaughter is also being raised vegan by a vegan father and mother.

Most people think the vegan way is complex and difficult, but for me it was so easy. I found the alternatives in a short time. Vegan food is delicious and varied. I prepare all recipes at home because vegan products are not available in my country.

Some people think veganism is a diet, but actually it is a way of living; it is the morally right thing to do. We can’t live happily and healthily while harming other beings. Although other animals are being killed and are suffering, we should not share in this negative circle. We are sharing in this by our ignorance. When we experience this internal awakening, we will know the reality that every being has the same essence, but each soul wears a different form. When we reach the threshold of mercy and compassion, we cannot support any process involving harm to, or the suffering of, any sentient being.

The humane should understand the fact that other animals are not born to be food or products for us. We should not interfere in others’ lives, nor use anyone as our things, for entertainment, or any other purpose. We should not support industries based on animals.

There are many videos about how animals are suffering. They show them trying to run away; cues that they want to protect their life. All of them resist death. The ugliest sight is of people taking calves from cows immediately after they were born, so they can’t drink milk from their mothers. The cows suffer and are later killed for their flesh. The cow’s milk is designed for calves, not humans. The vibration of suffering and killing is transferred to our consciousness which affects our behavior and actions.

Living vegan contributes to a better world and to world peace. Veganism helps us to elevate our values of compassion, purity, wisdom, and respect, so that our love includes all beings on Earth.


Special thanks to Butterflies Katz for including this as one of 100+ entries in her short essay contest and the resulting published collection: Why I Will Always be Vegan.

Photo by Alwin Kroon on Unsplash

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  • Robert Ciocan November 29, 2020, 1:32 am

    Beautifully stated. Thank you. This is the truth. Animal agriculture is destroying our planetary ecosystem and the violence manifests in society.

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