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3 Easy Kale Salads

3 Easy Kale Salads post image

Marinated kale salads are not only a delicious way to enjoy these dark greens, but they are also easy to make.

There are 2 keys to a tasty kale salad:

1. A good acid (lemon, apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar, etc.)

2. A little bite

For all of these recipes, the kale leaves have been de-stemmed and finely sliced into bite-size strips. The ingredients for each salad are listed with quantity suggestions, which are flexible, depending on the amount of kale you are using and your personal taste preference. Also, all of the recipes are oil-free, but you can add a splash of olive or sesame oil before leaving the salad to marinate, if you like.

Balsamic Bliss:

–  (5 cups) chopped kale
–  (3 cups) chopped tomatoes
–  (1 cup) chopped basil
–  Dressing with balsamic vinegar and salt

Mix kale, tomatoes and basil with a good splash of balsamic vinegar. Leave for a couple of hours to marinate and then salt to taste.

Variation: Add ½ cup chopped kalamata olives before leaving the dish to marinate.

Garlic Lovers Delight:

– (5 cups) chopped kale
– (3 large cloves) finely chopped or pressed garlic
– The juice of (1) decent sized lemon
– Finely ground black pepper and salt to taste

Mix chopped kale, garlic and lemon juice together, leave to marinate for a couple of hours then add salt and pepper to taste.

Variation: Instead of lemon, try using lime or orange juice.

Simple Sesame Sensation:

–  (5 cups) chopped kale
–  (1/2 cup) diced red onion
–  (1/4 cup) sesame seeds
–  (1 tablespoon) blonde miso
–  (3 tablespoons) apple cider vinegar

Mix the kale, red onion and sesame seeds together. Whisk* the miso and apple cider vinegar together until blended and then pour this mixture over the kale salad. Give it a couple of good stirs. Allow this mixture to marinate for a couple of hours before serving.

* It can be helpful to add the apple cider vinegar a little bit at a time until fully mixed into the miso.


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